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PG Insurance is making a news splash in Ireland

Posted on 29th Jan 2016 09:39:48 in Personal Guarantee News

IRISH PERSONAL GUARANTEE INSURANCE MAKES ITS DEBUT - Insurance on personal guarantees provided to banks in return for credit has been made available in Ireland for the first time by insurance intermediary DFI Consulting.

Personal guarantees gained greater prominence during the financial crash when borrowers found their personal and family assets exposed after running into business difficulties, says the Irish Examiner. With banks frequently requesting such guarantees, many SMEs reluctant to put their personal assets on the line find themselves locked out of the lending market. “This product will help many small business owners around the country access the credit that they need to drive their business while also ensuring that their family homes and personal assets are protected,” said DFI director Daniel Curran. Isme chief executive Mark Fielding said personal guarantees encourage “lazy banking” which prevents lending decisions being made on sound business principles. He accepted, however, that this type of insurance appears to be working in the UK, adding that it is a good product if it allows increased access to credit.


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